Fiberglass insulation works by trapping dead (non moving) air in its small cells between fibers.The more air trapped the better the insulating value.  Thus a thicker blanket of fiberglass insulation will keep your building cooler (or warmer) than a thinner one.  Suspender Bars are a support system that allows for a very thick blanket of insulation to be installed in the roof of a metal building. The building is erected and roof applied.  The thick fiberglass blankets are then installed from the inside. Blankets of fiberglass with white facing are unrolled and pushed up into the cavity between the building purlins.  Suspender Bars are installed spanning purlin to purlin every 24 inches holding up this thick blanket.  The unique spring clip of the Suspender Bar hold the bars snugly to the bottom flange of the steel purlin.  Tabs of facing on the edges of the insulation rolls can be overlapped and taped or spray glued together, covering and hiding the steel purlin.

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  • The building owner gets the R Value paid for No compressed insulation
  • No special equipment is required to install Suspender Bar.
  • Any quality vapor retarder is fine. There is no proprietary restriction. Fiberglass insulation may be purchased from all the normal sources at competitive prices.
  • Because Suspender Bar installs from the bottom, after the roof is installed, the building is quickly "dried in" saving time saves money.
A suspension system that allows the installation of
thick fiberglass insulation in the roof of steel buildings
Easy way to insulate your existing or new metal building since 1993.